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An attractive region for life science investors

Italian Map showing Tuscany region

Tuscany area

Florence is the capital of Italy's Tuscany region, one of 20 in the country. Pisa and Siena are two other important provinces.
Tuscany provides easy/direct access to more than 75% of the Italian market, within a 400 km radius; its two main international airports and commercial ports provide access to the rest of the world. Tuscany is said to have the highest life expectancy in all of Europe.

Uniqueness of Tuscany

Tuscany has 201 companies in the Life Science sector. Novartis, Eli Lilly, Abiogen and Boehringer Ingleheim are among the major international companies. The National Research Council (CNR) has 16 institutes and 13 territorial sections located in Tuscany. Its 3 technology parks are TLS Science Park, Polo Tecnologico of Navacchio and Polo Sant'Anna Valdera (PSV)

Types, numbers of orgs

There are attractive investment and grant packages available specifically for the Life Sciences and Health sector of €63 million. There is also a private equity fund, Toscana Innovazione, available with an initial endowment of €44.4 million.

Tax incentives

While most of Tuscany's biotech industry is in "red" (medical) biotech, there is also presence in green (food and environmental) and white (industrial) biotech, as well as in bioinformatics. CERN (Magnetic Resonance Centre), LENS (European laboratory for non-linear spectroscopy and ITT (Instituto Toscano Tumori conduct advanced research.

Technology focus

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