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Berlin Partners is an economic development agency that is a 50/50 public/private partnership for the purpose of supporting international business, both inbound and outbound, through marketing for industry. There are some major U.S. partners as well.

The main areas of focus: Life sciences, media, ICT, transportation and traffic (e.g. railway) and the services sector.

BioTOP Berlin Brandenburg is the central contact and coordination office for all biotech-related issues in the German capital region.





BioTop Berlin-Brandenburg 
Fasanenstrasse 85 
10623 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 318622-12
Fax: +49 30 318622-22
Dr. Kai Bendsell

Berlin Partner
Ludwig Erhard Haus
Fananstrasse 85, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Rene Gurka

Carolin Clement

U.S. Communications:
Heidi Boie

Berlin is the political center of the country, so companies wishing to do business in Germany need to be here. Many businesses establish their headquarters and sales offices here as their entryway into Europe and consider Berlin to be an attractive alternative to the U.K. Costs here are lower than in other parts of Europe. We have lower labor costs and there is a lot of building space and infrastructure available as a result of our unification.

You can find English speakers everywhere in Berlin. There are many embassies in Berlin and schools have been established for their children.

Transportation and communication are excellent from Berlin to every corner of the world.

Uniqueness of Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin-Brandenburg is one of Europe's leading biotech regions. 25 renowned life science research institutions, almost 200 biotech companies, about the same number of medical technology companies and more than 20 pharmaceutical corportaions conduct research here and develop new products in close and fruitful cooperation. Many are added every year due to the excellent scientific environment and the attractive funding options.

The development of the biotech industry in Berlin-Brandenburg has benefitted from the geogrpahical proximity of major pharmaceuticals companies, among them Bayer Schering Pharma (formerly Schering) which was founded in Berlin in 1864, sanofi-aventis and Pfizer which has relocated its German headquarters in 2008 to Berlin.

Types, numbers of biotech organizations

We offer organized management assistance for newcomers, including help with acquisitions and even financing.

Incentives for investment

Berlin is seeking to attract large pharma companies to join Bayer Healthcare or Pfizer, as well as young innovative biotech companies. We are adding between 10-12 companies each year. Investment in Berlin is about 50% foreign; Europe has the highest share, with U.S. companies next. Much of the investment is in the form of acquisitions, with larger companies buying smaller firms.

Newcomers Berlin wishes to attract

Berlin is hosting the 2nd World Health Summit in October 2010, which coincides with the 300th anniversary of the Charité-Universitätsmedizin. 2010 is also the Berlin Year of Sciences.

There are a number of other biotech-related events scheduled in 2010 in Berlin, including the 5th International Symposium on Integrated Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Diseases in September.

Upcoming Bio Events in Berlin

A cluster management program has been established with a team of 25-30 people. The new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport and the BBI Airport City will be opened  in October 2011. A Green Building Code is practiced for new and remodeled facilities to promote energy efficiency.

McKinsey recently released a study called “Berlin 2020.” It indicated that there is a high density of universities and clinical trial services, offering strong scientific and technology support in the areas of information technology, life science and electronics. Our grant and incentive programs are additional attractive ways to encourage business to locate here.

Vision for the future of biotech in Berlin

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