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In addition to highlighting important life science articles each month from respected journals available on the Web, TMA BioTechCircle is pleased to feature original guest articles written by our partners, clients and business associates. They cover a vast array of hot topics and trends. The authors welcome and encourage your comments and inquiries.


What is ...

* What is a "Biomarker"? Virginia Hanson Paul, BS, MBA and Terry W. Osborn, Ph.D., MBA

* What is Proteomics? Helen R. Dickinson, Ph.D.

* What is Nutrigenomics? Kazumi Iino

In addition...

* Thank you from Japan - Kazumi Iino

* FDA Approval or Market Approval? Eunice K. Lin

* The 23 Critical Steps Most Project Management Leaders Miss Paul A. Tedesco

* Introduction to Bioclusters Joanne F. Gucwa

* Making Your Ideas Stick Debra Kurz

* Protecting Trade Secrets Paul A. Tedesco

* Strategic Partnering = Strategic Synergy Joanne F. Gucwa


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